Here at ITK you can find informed, detailed analysis of the National Electricity Market [NEM] from analysts with more than 50 years of top level experience.

Decarbonisation is one of, perhaps the largest, driver of global economies over the net 30 years. US$3.5 trillion at the mine mounth of oil, coal and gas is produced each year and it all has to go away by 2050 and about half by 2030.

Leaving aside all the the other issues and just focussing on the technical and financial side of this process and what it means for individuals, companies, industries and countries will keep an army of professional analysts busy for 20 years.

ITK is in the front rank of the advance party with a special focus on Australia. Colourful language backed up with sophisticated analysis. Conclusions drawn from analysis of various industries. An understanding of behavioural biases, strong excel modelling skills, Porter style industry analysis, many years of valuation… We do it. You’ll also find we are well connected mostly but not exclusively in Australia. Have a listen to the “Energy Insiders” podcast to get a feel.